Frequently Asked Questions

VR can be utilised for various tasks in a business, including entertainment, manufacturing, and more. It is now primarily used for staff training and development, product design, and trend research in marketing campaigns, among other things.

With the concept of "try before you buy," augmented reality has been significantly used in the eCommerce industry. AR is at the heart of the new Tryon features and gamification in mobile apps. providing visuals of new products and their space suitability.

Yes. Additionally, we customize products and services to meet customers’ demands.

The time it takes to develop an AR, or VR product varies by industry and the number of features and adjustments it requires. The typical time would be between two and six months.

Businesses may increase sales and differentiate themselves from the competition by allowing customers to interact with products and services in unexplored ways, sometimes from the comfort of their own homes. With precise 3D technology, AR and VR can also be used in various industries to help train or guide staff.

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