We are a multidisciplinary and inventive organization at the nexus of art, design, and technology.

Our commitment to creating high-quality, emotional branding, digital products, and experiences has become a trademark.

Company Profile

Virtualize Technology, formerly known as HBSB infotech, is a renowned IT firm that specialises in creating real-life atmospheres and aspects using cutting-edge technologies of the modern-day. Before that, the company made a name for itself in the real estate and manufacturing sectors. The business began in a single room with simply the founders working there, and it has now grown into a fully independent end-to-end game production and AR/VR development company. With other products like virtualizing 360 for walkthroughs and virtualising cards for wedding cards, Virtualize Technologies Pvt Ltd was primarily a service-based business. Starting off was difficult since people don't trust new businesses, but after they worked with us and saw the high calibre of the service we provided, we experienced significant client retention.

Himanshu Bansal


Himanshu Bansal, a tech enthusiast, has always been interested in how the modern world is becoming more digital. He obtained his B.Tech. from IIIT Delhi. His interest in modern technological breakthroughs inspired him to learn about cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, AR/VR development, and game creation. This inspired him to make the great decision to partner with his brother Sanchit Bansal to launch a business in the thriving city of Mohali.

Sanchit Bansal


Sanchit, on the other hand, is a graduate of SP Jain with an MBA. He has prior project management and financial management experience. He made the decision to take digitization to a new level that no one had ever imagined using his industry experience and expertise. Thus, the two brothers joined forces to create Virtualize Technologies Pvt Ltd, a renowned IT company, due to their shared excitement for their chosen fields.

The Visionary Quest

To create incredible experiences that get people talking and create strategic value for
companies, technology, entertainment, and the arts and culture.

Our Vocation

“To take One step at a time!” By creating heart-moving immersive experiences to educate people about the heaven of Utopic planets on realistic Earth.

Values we hold!

  • Together we grow
  • Be responsible for humanity's perseverance.
  • Loyalty & Trust (proper communication)
  • Relationships that last a lifetime
  • Adapt and Change

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