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Looking for a challenging yet simple top-down game? Look no further than Mr. Murph! In this game, you play as Mr. Murph himself – a lovable mascot on a mission to collect recyclable objects while avoiding non-recyclable ones. Can you help Mr. Murph complete his mission?

More than just a game, Mr. Murph is also an educational tool designed to raise awareness about waste recycling management among kids and teenagers. With engaging gameplay and lovable characters, this game is the perfect way to teach the importance of recycling in a fun and exciting way.

Set in Tulsa’s main recycling center, Mr. Murph challenges you to collect as many points as you can while avoiding non-recyclable items and hazards. Keep an eye out for the garbage truck, which will dump more recyclables and hazards on the floor. Can you outsmart the garbage truck and help Mr. Murph collect all the recyclables?

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After playing Mr. Murph, players can head back to the game menu and open the augmented reality camera to take a photo with Mr. Murph himself! With engaging gameplay, an educational message, and a lovable mascot, Mr. Murph is the perfect game for players of all ages.

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