Zombie Game

Our first project using the Unreal Gaming platform was a first-person shooter game called "Zombie Shooter".

To make it more interesting for the clients and the players, we added a number of features and avatars. We used Unreal Engine to keyframe each shot, then added the appropriate lighting, props, and animations finally putting everything together.

A Taste of Fantasy World

Isn’t it amazing to play a game while also being submerged in its fictional world? Well, in the Zombie Shooter game the camera system works well with the player’s movement, enabling the camera to be more exact and provide a greater field of view when shooting that zombie.

To collect points and advance through the game’s levels, the player had to kill zombies in each round. Due to the extensive gaming mechanisms, the shot angle is precisely computed. Utilizing technologies like mixed reality, gliding and running is significantly enhanced.

Technologies used

We moulded our Zombie game utilizing the most recent technology to make the entire gameplay smooth for the user.

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