VR City Simulation

Many research institutions employ virtual reality because it allows us to construct scenarios that might be highly challenging to create and perform in the actual world. For one of IIIT Delhi's research projects, our team built a whole city simulation in virtual reality. The gamer had the impression that they were driving down a crowded street due to the simulation environment.

Get Into The VR City

This project was built for Oculus Rift S and used a Thrustmaster for the steering support. It was completely built-in Unity3D. We made various stressful scenarios that a driver might face while driving a car in India. These scenarios were carefully selected after a poll from around 500 people. The responses of the person during the experience were monitored and we took their ECG and EEG signals.

Headset Used:
1. Oculus
2. HTC Vive

Technologies used

Modern technologies are combined into the city simulation to provide a pleasant and interesting driving experience through a crowded area