Vista Tower Web AR

Our metaverse projects are built on the foundation of augmented reality. We used webAr to create the office building known as Vista Tower so that users could quickly see the interiors and have a sense of the real-time experience.

Whenever we think of a new township coming up or a new complex being constructed. All we have are 2D photos of the place. This
doesn't give us the proper idea about the place. Why not see the place in 3D and Augmented reality. As if the building pops up right in
front of us. With all the facilities marked on it.

The web AR Experience

When you see an advertisement in the newspaper, wouldn’t it be great to see the building coming out of it?

We used WebAR in this. You don’t need to download any specific application for this project. It can be used simply by clicking on the link, and you will be taken to the web.

WebAR is a great technology that can be used where the user doesn’t want to download any application. This can be used for the masses as we run on the web, so you must be cautious about file sizes. But our team is experienced in making great quality models even in low poly.

Technologies used

In this age of visual marvels, we used the most recent technologies to render 2D and 3D scenes effectively and provide high-quality results. Maya, Zappar, and Unity are the top cross-platform development tools used in the project.