Virus AR

Many different awareness initiatives can make use of AR. We were called by an institute to develop a corona campaign where we had to recognise the mouth opening. Whenever someone opens their mouth, a virus escapes and infects others. The institute wanted us to do this assignment, which was enjoyable but also very important.

When a user doesn't want to download any applications, they can use WebAR, which is a fantastic technology. The general public can access this easily.

The Virus AR

The task was not as easy as it sounds, it required high-tech coding to integrate all the desired features with fun elements. But, with a team of skilled professionals, we were able to bring it to a successful and greatly functional end. We used WebAR for this. You don’t need to download any specific application. This can be used simply by clicking on the link and that would take you to an intrusive page on the web.

Technologies used

The awareness campaign was developed by our team using high-end skilled professionals with an understanding of top-notch technologies to make the entire UI smooth for the user.