Bank VR: Cash Handling

It is a thorough walkthrough of the slides, along with numerous animations and simulations that help everyone understand the ideas by putting them into action in virtual reality. We have a committed group of talented designers and developers who took care of the project's animation and modelling components.

VR Experience In Banks

VR is a fantastic tool for learning. People can interact in the simulated world through virtual reality, which can improve learning and make it more enjoyable. Therefore, we took the idea and created a module for including this innovation in newly hired employees’ training and development.

In VR tutorials, you can easily get a walkthrough of the concept while holding the set of slides. Additionally, the use of gaming aspects increased the enjoyment of corporate learning.

VR Headset used –
1. Oculus
2. HTC Vive

Technologies used

We developed a course for comprehending the management of cash in banks utilizing the most recent technology of virtual reality in order to make workflow simple to understand.