Our Creation Process

Take a look at how we go from the Impossibility to a safe Possibility!

  • 01

    Consulting & storyboarding

    The process begins with a first meeting to acquire a sense of what the final product will look like, along with the structure and the flow. This is done to communicate what the client expects at the end.

  • 02

    Concept visualisation/ Research

    We make visuals that accurately explain and portray an intangible idea without numerical data for concept visualisation. This involves in-depth research.

  • 03

    3D prototyping

    The 3D prototyping process divides a 2D item into many small slices, which are then assembled piece by piece from the bottom up. Those tiny layers join to produce a solid three-dimensional object.

  • 04

    Feedback (discussion phase)

    We consult with the client after the prototype is completed. We recognise the necessity for any necessary changes at this point.

  • 05

    Final product development

    When the prototype is complete, we bring together all of the required tools and technology to create the final result in one place.

  • 06


    To avoid complications after launch, tests are carried out before the product is released. They are a component of an iterative development process to ensure the finished product works in all of the promised ways.

  • 07

    Demo & Launch

    At this point, the product finally hits the market. This effectively introduces the finished product, complete with all relevant info. It is typical for the first release to merely offer essential functionality so that the development can quickly progress and generate revenue.

  • 08

    Post-delivery services (management- on demand)

    Once the product is released, we provide management services. This comprises software and technology updates and upgrades on a regular basis.

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