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When the physical and digital spheres merge, we can access the world’s most thrilling entertainment, which is usually out of reach for so many of us. Humans thrive when they can share their feelings and sensations with others. From the first moon landing and Mandela’s walk to freedom on television to the world’s largest music festival, the Glastonbury Festival, it is how we create shared experiences. As a result of the epidemic, we have seen how the rapid acceptance of sharing experiences without the necessity for physical contact has functioned as a catalyst for communities to seek out new types of connectivity, boosting innovative ideas and alliances.

Remote entertainment has ushered in a new dimension of creative technology, complete with sights, sounds, and feelings of being a part of a scene, thanks to the perfect blend of augmented reality and virtual reality that creates a whole new universe for consumers.

Now one can participate in various innovative gaming, dancing, fitness, and even singing genres using our AR & VR tools. You can purchase front-row or backstage passes to concerts worldwide. It is not just about how this is experienced but also about making it a fully personalised experience for the user and creating new global communities that bring people together from all over the world. The actual and virtual worlds are merging due to developments in technology and connection.

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